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St. Benedictt Medal

Keep Good Fortune With You Wherever You Go

Financial wealth, good health, relationships and opportunities – why do some people seem to effortlessly attract them while others find them really difficult to achieve? Did you know that the kind of energy you have plays a vital role in attracting all the good things you want?

All you need is a facilitator of positive energies to help you attract and enable all things to work out for you favorably even when you’re not putting your mind into it!

The Mystical Forces Of The Sacramental Medal

Since 1880, the St. Benedictt Medal has been commonly used as a protection against all forms of evil but not many knows that it has also been long associated with many miracles. It signifies a positive turning point and forthcoming fortune by acting as a strong shield and cosmic protection from negativity in and around you.

This ancient medal represents a Latin prayer to invoke God's blessing and protection through the intercession of St. Benedict onto the user. Each engraving of this small round medal is personally carved and blessed by a priest with holy water, enabling the wearer to attract peace, strength, luck, healing, good fortune as well as preventing misfortunes.

  • Attracts good fortune and auspicious opportunities
  • Infuses positivity and optimum luck for prosperity
  • Grants clarity to the mind to aid decision-making
  • Harmonizes environmental energy to create situational awareness
  • Deflects negativity and misfortune

1. Wear the medal as a pendant close to your heart and rub occasionally for desired effects. You may also hang it in your car for vehicular protection, carry it around, place it at home or at your workplace.

2. It is suitable for both men and women.

3. Avoid letting strangers touch the medal. If it happens by accident, simply rinse the medal with distilled water.

Note: For best results, wear it often and keep it as close to you as possible.


This medal is amazing! I’ve been wearing this for a year now, and the changes are drastic. I used to be filled with so much negativity but now, I’ve never felt so happy with all the positive energy. Besides me becoming optimistic, I even got a promotion at my new job in just 5 months! Considering that I'm still new, I never thought I would achieve this success at such a short time. I seriously can’t imagine how my life would be during these difficult times if it weren’t for St. Benedictt Medal.

Michelle Frazier, CO

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Yo, I only bought this for fashion purposes and I still can't believe how this medal is bringing me so much good things in life! I’ve been getting so much love and attention from my love ones than before, and never have I thought my crush would confess to me! Even after the honeymoon period, our relationship is still going strong. My grades have even been great when I only put in minimal effort. Today, I just received a letter from an Ivy League University informing me that I’m accepted!

Andrea Chapman, WY

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I own a business myself and it’s not been going well ever since the pandemic. Things got even worse when I got to know that my wife had an illness and we needed a lot of money. Thankfully, a priest we know passed us 2 of this medal and ever since we wore it, we really did experience the amazing works of God through this medal. My wife was healed, my business is growing and we’re finally expecting our first child after trying for so many years. Praise the Lord!

Chris Lewis, SD

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