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This Single Mom Wins Every Man’s Heart In The
World By Doing Nothing

Helena had nothing but confidence, grace, and manners on the dating show. But the same can’t be said for the men, who are all riled up and eager to go on a date with Helena, while they turned the 4 other young female contestants into bystanders!

An Unexpected Record On A Dating Show

“I was so surprised, it’s absolutely not what I expected at all.”

“When I introduced myself as a single mom with 2 kids, these 20 something men just gave me the same jaw-dropping look.”

“But none of them were going to change their mind after I told my story.”

“Not even when the producers stepped in and try to fend them off.”

– Helena

In the end, showrunners scrambled to get the show going by bending the rules to let Helena go on 5 separate dates with 5 different men. A first in the show’s history!

Toughing It Out As A Single Mom

In her post TV interview, Helena explained how she’d came to be.

“I was widowed when my husband passed away from illness.”

“As a former housewife with no experience, I was forced to make ends meet.”

“The stress of it all eventually caught up to my skin and how I looked.”

“But I had 2 daughters to raise and bills to pay.”

“So I took up a labor job at my uncle’s lemon farm in Italy.”

– Helena

Although Helena’s spent months under the scorching sun, her look did a complete 180 and suddenly grew a decade younger!

Paying The Flying Farmer A Visit

Dr. Walters heard of Helena on TV and was fascinated with her journey, but had suspicions that there’s more to it than what she’s telling.

“With well over 20 years of experience in geriatrics and dermatology, I’ve never seen a turnaround quite like Helena’s story.”

– Dr. Walters

So, Dr. Walters flew over to Italy and met up with Helena’s uncle, Lorenzo, who’s famously known in town as the ‘Flying Farmer’. He hovers around hillside lemon orchards, overlooking the city and harvest hundreds of lemons all by himself!

“My first meeting with Lorenzo had made me realize one important thing.”

“That even he’s got smooth hands and great skin health for his age.”

“And I knew there was more to this than his great lemon legacy.”

– Dr. Walters

Prized Yellow Gems From The Sun

When Lorenzo was questioned about it, this was what he said:

“The lemons we’ve nurtured here are Amalfi lemons.”

“They’re distinctively sweeter and can be eaten like oranges.”

“Even ancient Romans considered it a status symbol for its rarity.”

“Our family inherited the knowledge to care for these lemons ever since.”

“But to grow and harvest these ‘Yellow Gems’ is no easy task.”

“As it needs intense sunshine, and must be delicately picked by hand.”

“The sunlight may be the lemon’s friend, but it’s our worst enemy.”

“It leaves our skin in drought and ruins it permanently.”

“So my ancestors came up with a solution using leftover lemons.”

“They created a pickled solution of lemon and honey and applied it onto our skin to block the sun’s harmful rays.”

– Lorenzo

With no descendants of his own to pass his wisdom, Lorenzo shared the secrets of preserving these ‘Yellow Gems’ to Dr. Walters.

An Experiment That Made Everything Brighter

Dr. Walters took this opportunity to fully analyze their traditional blend and obtained samples of the fruit to craft a prototype solution.

She set up on an experiment with 57-year-old volunteer Emilia, who’s been living with rough, sagging skin for the past decade.

Measures of Emilia’s dermatological health and geometry were noted, and the citrusy prototype was applied every day for a month.

After extensive readings and tests on the volunteer, Dr. Walters realized that their conventional ways of protecting themselves was purely undiscovered science all along!

“The results we’ve collected were out of this world!”

“Emilia not only got a natural facelift from the solution.”

“Every fine line and collagen-absent parts of her face were filled up.”

“Readings of her face shows she has a UV reflective and defensive skin.”

“It’s as if she shed off decades and replaced it with younger cells.”

– Dr. Walters

The Story Of Lemone™

After witnessing its potential to help people shine their brightest, Dr. Walters requested the help of Lorenzo and a team of biochemist to replicate an all-natural serum capable of capturing its rejuvenating powers.

That’s the story of how Lemone™ was born!

“The science behind Lemone™ is ingenious.”

“It contains refined ascorbic acid and Vitamin C.”

“Which is a natural collagen stimulant for your skin.”

“Ensuring the epidermal skin have minimal folds and maximum bounce.”

“And eliminating any potential for wrinkles and saggy skin.”

“Lemone™ is also filled with hydrophilic hyaluronic acid.”

“Which retains water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.”

“By penetrating deeply into the skin and hydrate your skin more efficiently.”

“The traditional pickling was replicated with rich anti-oxidants.”

“That helps set up a defensive layer to deflect UV rays.”

“And repel free radicals from further damaging delicate skin cells.”

“Resulting in definitive cellular restoration of all three layers of skin.”

– Dr. Walters

Uplifting Thousands Of Faces And Lives

Before launch, Dr. Walters wanted Helena’s opinion on Lemone™.

“I felt much more refreshed and radiant compared to our usual formula.”

“It’s also super convenient how it’s all simplified into a bottle.”

“I’m so proud of what my uncle and Dr. Walters has created.”

– Helena

True enough, Lemone™ was more than just a simple part of their regimen.

“I had no confidence growing up because my genetics weren’t kind to me.”

“The surface of my skin looks like a moon crater.”

“I’ve been trying to get these acne scars and dark spots to go away for years.”

“But everything on the market had zero effect on it.”

“That is until my dermatologist suggested I try Lemone™.”

“Within a week, my skin started feeling plumped and moisturized.”

“And less than a month later, my dark spots disappeared entirely!”

“I couldn’t stop looking into the mirror and seeing my 20 year-old self!”

“It not only helped me shine as a person on the inside and out.”

“I love that it made me comfortable in my own new skin!”

– Becky

Lemone™ had since launched an exclusive international collection that caters to its growing users across 46 countries.

But supplies are dwindling as the season of the lemons fades, and you can expect stocks to be limited to the coming month only.

So don’t wait for the sun to melt your confidence away! Let Lemone™ care for your skin, so your skin can care for you.